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Why Lara's House?

As all parents know, the most frightening thing about leaving babies who cannot yet communicate clearly in the care of others is not knowing if the care they are receiving is nurturing and loving, or neglectful or worse.

Every parent who has a child with special needs, no matter what age, feels this fear too, and often, that is the reason they are unable to even consider their child living anywhere but home, even when it may be appropriate or even important that this happen.

Often parents say, "If there was a place where I knew she'd be happy and well cared for, I'd do it in a minute. But there's nothing out there I trust!"

Now there is a place you can trust. Lara's House has been created by the parents of a child with multiple disabilities, and the basis for all decisions made in developing this home is "As parents of a child with special needs, what would we want for our daughter?"

Please join us!

If you are the parent or guardian of a person with developmental or other disabilities, and you are exploring the options available to you for long term living arrangements and care, please contact us. We anticipate that the few available spaces at Lara's House will be reserved quickly as word travels that this unique setting is available.

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