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Thank you to our "Angels"!

This vision is only possible with the help of many angels - of both the ethereal and human variety.

The following people and businesses have been instrumental to creating and supporting Lara's House. We thank them from the depths of our hearts...

Preston Park, 10-8 construction

Drew, our Friday afternoon chef and cooking teacher

Dr. Gladys Logan, N.D. Healability Medicine

Jim Dubose, general contractor

Drs. Bill and Mary Christen

Rhea Summer Rain, massage, yoga, Reiki master

Eagle Scout projects:

Trevor and friends, Eagle Scout project: - grounds clean-up, planting trees and flowering vines and shrubs

Parker and friends, Eagle Scout project: - building a retaining wall/planter for driveway safety

Preston and friends, Eagle Scout project: wheelchair bridge and path allowing access to all buildings on property

Michael and friends, Eagle Scout project: improving our chicken coop by adding rass and mulch. The chickens especially thank you, and their eggs are even more delicious now!

An endless network of family and know who you are and how much we love you!

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