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The Lara Foundation

Although Lara's House is a small independent home serving just a few women and their families, it is our desire to share the kind of love and support given to them with as many other persons with special needs as possible. We are able to do that through a partnership with the Lara Foundation.

The Lara Foundation, Inc. is a non-profit 501(c)3 corporation established for the purpose of providing services that support the physical, emotional and spiritual health of persons with special needs, as well as their families, caregivers, and community.  

The long term goal of the foundation is to create a MULTI-GENERATIONAL SERVICE AND SUPPORT CENTER that provides:

  • model care for children, the disabled and elderly

  • training, education and assistance for caregivers and families

  • coaching, counseling, classes and other resources that support personal and spiritual growth, and

  • a gathering place for friendship, connection, healing and growth

When fully operational, the foundation will positively impact hundreds of individuals and families in the Phoenix area and beyond.

At this time, foundation offices are located in a separate wing of Lara's House. Through events, training, support groups, resources and other activities, the Lara Foundation provides support to caregivers, family members and persons with special needs, both at Lara's House and in the surrounding communities.

To give a gift to The Lara Foundation, please contact us.

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