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Vision, Mission and Values

Our Vision

A community where individuals with special needs receive the care, support, healing and love they need to live their lives to the fullest.

Our Mission

We are here to support the physical, intellectual and emotional/spiritual health of the young women who live at Lara's House, all those who participate in our programs, and their families, caregivers and community. We do this by providing quality caregiving, education, activities, encouragement and resources, all in an environment of love, healing, acceptance, compassion, and respect.

Primary Values

Every individual, regardless of age, ability or position, has inherent worth and deserves to be treated with kindness, compassion, dignity and unconditional acceptance and love. What everyone needs, more than anything else, is to feel loved and accepted, just as they are.

We believe in the power of love. We strive to be a shining example of the fundamental spiritual law to Love One Another.

The highest quality of service and support is inherent to the value of loving another. We strive at all times to provide that service.

Core Principles


Providing service is our primary purpose; all decisions are based on how we can best serve. Our services enhance the quality of life of the young women at Lara's House and their families and community through quality care-giving, support, health and education.

Support and Education

Providing encouragement and inspiration, as well as effective teaching and training, empowers those we serve to improve the quality of their lives through enhanced independence, growth and personal fulfillment.


We employ only those persons who share the primary value of universal human dignity, and who show personal dedication to providing loving service. Our staff in turn is supported through a positive work environment, useful and valuable training, and excellent pay.

Mutual Respect

All those involved with Lara's House – individuals served, family members, caregivers, staff, volunteers - are treated with dignity and compassion.

Decision Making

Policies and procedures reflect our mission and values. Input is always sought from those closest to and most impacted by a decision.

Commitment to Quality

Service performed is of the highest quality, and procedures are in place to ensure continuous evaluation and improvement.


The physical environment reflects order, beauty, cleanliness, serenity, good health and respect for our natural environment. Our building and grounds are “green” whenever possible. The emotional atmosphere is one of warmth, emotional safety and joy.

Commitment to Community

We strive to provide a unique and exemplary model of care and service, and to be involved with and support our local community.

Open and Accepting

Lara's House serves young people with special needs and their families regardless of race, creed or religious preference. All faiths are honored and respected.

Spiritual Principles

Lara's House welcomes young people of all spiritual backgrounds and preferences, and seeks to help those of all faiths apply positive spiritual principles to their daily lives. Our policies are guided by a belief in the power of love. We strive to be a shining example of the fundamental spiritual law to Love One Another.

Health and Healing

We believe in being open to all healing modalities, and offer alternative healing information and practices to work in conjunction with traditional medical care. Foods served at Lara's House are healthy and nutritionally sound, tailored to each resident's personal needs. Organic foods from our own gardens or other local sources are used whenever possible and menus are planned based on strong natural nutritional guidelines.

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